Cork Board Makeover


I've had this old cork board sitting downstairs forever. My plans to do a little makeover on it kept getting pushed back- until this past weekend. My friend Z helped me out with this one- she's so creative and I love getting her mind involved on a project.

This DIY is so versatile and crazy easy! I chose feather stencils, but you can literally use any stencils you want. Decorate using ticket stubs, photos, pom poms, seriously whatever you want. I printed some cute inspirational graphics I found on Pinterest, but I also created my own on Canva. I wanted the board to represent my year ahead and some of the goals that I would like to achieve!

  • cork board
  • stencil
  • paint (I used matte black for the feathers and rose gold for the border)
  • foam brushes
  • thumbtacks, clips, decorations
  • marker holder (optional)

Step One:

Set up your stencils around your board. Once you have them placed the way you want them, you can start painting inside the stencil. Let dry completely.

Step Two:

While you're waiting for your paint to dry, paint the border of the cork board. Let dry completely.

Step Three:

Once your paint is dry, peel off your stencils. 

Step Four: 

Decorate! Have fun with it.

Step Five: (optional)

I found a super cute half-moon cup at the dollar store. I knew it would be perfect to glue onto my cork board but I wasn't super happy with the way it looked- it didn't fit with my decorations. I removed the burlap string and the label, then spray painted it matte black. Once it dried, I glued it onto my cork board.
Enjoy! xo

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