Book #3: The Wolves of Winter- Tyrell Johnson


The Wolves of Winter- Tyrell Johnson
☕☕☕☕ (4/5)

I enjoyed this novel. It started off a bit slower and took some time to get into it. Hunger Games vibes with a little bit of romance, and some survival guide tips.

I loved how well-written this was- I completely felt as though I was right there in the Yukon dealing with the aftermath of an apocalypse that seemed very real. If you read and loved Hunger Games and other post-apocalyptic YA series', you will enjoy this.

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Rating System:

☕☕☕☕☕⇢ ADORE. Very special book. Will stop people on the street to recommend.
☕☕☕☕⇢ Delightful. Shelf-worthy. Would recommend but probably would not re-read.
☕☕☕⇢ Enjoyable. Minor flaws. Missing that special something.
☕☕⇢ Don't buy it, borrow it!
☕⇢ Skip it. Unless you like wasting your time.

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