2017 in Books: Year-End Reading Wrap Up


It’s crazy to think about how much my life has changed in this last year. How much life changes every year. One year can make a vast difference. 

The one constant for me is (and always has been) my books. When I began this reading list, my life was completely different than at the very end of the list. But throughout the year, I have been transformed to 24 different places. I have become attached to 24 more novels. Fallen in love with (and hated) hundreds of fictional characters that always seem too real. And become much too invested in fake murders, rivalries, relationships. 

My love of reading is a constant in my life. It never lets me down. I will never be able to explain how 26 letters can make you fall in love with a setting, a character, a relationship. Make you weep and laugh and finish the last page and stare into space thinking about the meaning of life for 10 minutes. 

If you’re a non-reader, you have officially labelled me as a lunatic. If you’re a book-lover, you are thanking me for putting into words exactly how you feel about books. Pieces of paper. But so so much more. 

Here is my (swear-word-filled) reading list + book reviews from 2017! 

Gingerbread Sugar Scrub


Okay, Christmas is so freaking soon. Like really soon. Are you still looking for a small (and potentially homemade) gift for a few special people in your life?

I made these delicious-smelling (good enough to eat) sugar scrubs for each of the remarkable women in my life, just to add something extra to their bigger gifts. I obviously had to test them out just for quality control and let me tell you, I WANT TO SMELL LIKE A BUTTERY GINGERBREAD COOKIE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

Live your best life and make this for yourself. Or make it for your friends/family if you're trying to be selfless.

Simplistic Gift Wrapping


Need some holiday gift wrapping inspiration?! Look no further.

I am so obsessed with simplistic wrapping. No need to spend a ton of money on extravagant wrapping paper, and ribbon, and bows. Buy a roll of kraft paper, some string, and go out into the wilderness for the rest!

No wilderness around you? No problem! The dollar store carries some fake and cheap foliage that is fairly comparable to the real stuff.

DIY Holiday Serving Tray


This DIY literally costs $5. That is less than your Starbucks coffee.

"But Amanda, what can I use this for?" I hear you asking. Well, let me tell you:
  1. Coffee table decor
  2. Serving drinks
  3. Cheese/meat tray
  4. Bedside table organizer
  5. Breakfast in bed 
  6. Dinner table centrepiece 
See, there. So many reasons you have to try this DIY!

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