Autumn Tablescape + Pumpkin Vase


I love a nice fall tablescape. I also love scouring the internet (specifically Pinterest) to see other people's tablescapes and get inspiration.

I hope this post will serve as inspiration for some of you. Happy Fall!

Pumpkin Vase:
  • Pumpkin bucket (I bought this one from Michaels)
  • Assorted fall flowers and foliage (I chose 3 statement flowers and then chose the rest of the foliage to match with those 3)
  • Foam bricks (2) (I bought these from Michaels)
  • Pliers and/or hardcore scissors (you need something to cut through the wiring of the flower stems)
Step One:

Remove the handles from your pumpkin bucket, if desired. Fill the hollow part of the bucket with the foam bricks. You may have to cut some of the bricks to shape the bucket.

Step Two:

Trim any long stems with the pliers, then start placing the flowers and foliage around the bucket. Stick the stems firmly into the foam to ensure it stays exactly where you want it. All done!

Table Runner: I bought a few yards of fabric from FabricLand as opposed to spending a fortune on a nice table runner.

Pumpkins: I purchased white mini pumpkins from my local grocery store. I kept some of them white, and the rest I painted that beautiful matte plum colour to match with my centrepiece. I used just a matte acrylic paint. I added some fragrance oil to the paint to make the pumpkins scented, but that is completely optional!

Everything else I have collected from HomeSense, Dollarama, Michaels, etc. I stamped tags from Michaels with our names and tied them onto the mini pumpkins at each place setting. And no, it is not sad that I used our dogs names for the place settings!

Enjoy! xo

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