Vanilla Peppermint Charcoal Detox Bar


Okay, hear me out. I know that most people are all about moisturizing their skin at this time of the year. The cold weather hits and my skin begins to crack and my hands resemble that of a 92-year-old woman. I know, I get it.

But there is something that I am sucker for all year round. DETOX. And if you're big into detox like myself, you know how amazing activated charcoal is. I brush my teeth with it, I spot treat zits with it, and I will often make a face mask with it. My best friend Zianza and I became obsessed with this charcoal face and body soap and decided to re-create it one day. It was messy and fun and we had such a great day! 

Autumn Tablescape + Pumpkin Vase


I love a nice fall tablescape. I also love scouring the internet (specifically Pinterest) to see other people's tablescapes and get inspiration.

I hope this post will serve as inspiration for some of you. Happy Fall!

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