DIY No-Sew Blanket Scarf


'Tis the (blanket scarf) season! These are seriously easy and make a beautiful gift for someone special. Blanket scarves are revolutionary. All of the photos in this post should help get you started on the different ways to wear and use your blanket scarves; they are so versatile! Also a huuuuuuge thanks for my BFF, (sort of) roommate, and the best baker in all of the land, Justine Martin, for modelling these scarves for me. Love ya!

  • flannel fabric (2 meters or 2.5 meters)*
  • scissors (preferably sewing scissors or scissors that work well cutting fabric)

*I will show you the difference between the two lengths toward the end of this post!
Step One:
Lay your fabric out and find the raw edges of the fabric (there will be two raw edges). Those are the edges that have not been cut yet, they are unfinished. Sometimes there will be a different line of colour on that edge, indicating the raw edge (see below).
Step Two:
Cut about 2 inches along both raw edges- having the flannel pattern makes this much easier because you can just follow a line, without having to worry about cutting a crooked line. 
Step Three:
Once you trim off your raw edges, you will have a ton of loose threads on all edges of the fabric. Start pulling all of those threads off. You will see the edges begin to fray. 
Step Four:
After you pull all of the loose threads, if you aren't completely satisfied with the amount of fraying you can continue to pull some threads near the edge of the fabric. I continued to pull threads until I was happy with how the fraying looked.

Step Five:Wear your blanket scarf tied around your neck, wrap it like a shawl during a chilly night, or even use it as a blanket for a picnic! This post has so many cute ideas of how to tie your scarf. You can also wrap it up to give as a gift.Note: Be careful when washing. Because there is no sewing involved, the fraying may unravel a little bit. If you do not want to have to worry about this, feel free to put in a standing stitch. This is what the 2m scarf looks like:
This is what the 2.5m scarf looks like:
There isn't too big of a difference between the two, but the 2.5m is definitely more versatile! You can braid it up into a cute little scarf, or tie it around you and fluff it up to make it bigger. Wear it as a blanket or shawl. Even use it as a picnic blanket! I'm sure you can think of many more things to do with these blanket scarves, but those options are enough for this DIY to be an easy sell, and a great gift.This tutorial is inspired by this post, which is awesome by the way!
Enjoy! xo


  1. LOVED modelling these scarves! So comfy! Still sad you foiled my plan to sneakily keep one....

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