Broiled Grapefruit


We're right in the dead of winter but grapefruit is always a good idea. One of my newest obsessions is broiled grapefruit. Maybe this sounds a bit strange but if you're the type of person who finds grapefruit to be too bitter, or you even just want to switch it up, try this super simple recipe!

Chai Cashew Butter


Chai spice is the severely underrated, and (in my opinion) superior cousin to pumpkin spice. Yeah, I said it.

If you've never made nut butter before, do it! It's super easy, I promise. All you need are some nuts and a food processor or good blender.

The first time I attempted nut-butter-making was fairly traumatic. I had seen a post about how easy it was but once I got started, I was sure I had done something wrong. 


After a couple of minutes, your nut mixture will still be crumbly and you'll be cursing me but KEEP GOING. I have provided step-by-step photos because I feel like they are very useful in this instance.

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