Easy Gold Candle Jars


Ever since I've cleaned out my Bath & Body Works candles, I have had them sitting on my vanity holding my Q-tips and makeup remover pads. I love them! But I've been wanting to make them a little bit nicer to look at. I was originally thinking of adding a cute little handle onto the top but then I wouldn't be able to stack them, so I nixed that idea. Then I thought about adding some gold or silver to parts of the jar.

In the end, I decided it would look nice if I spray painted a gold metallic colour onto the jar and left some strips to be able to see through. So that's what I did.

Here's what you'll need:
  • Clean candle jars (tutorial here)
  • Spray paint (I used Krylon Premium in Copper Brilliance)
  • Paint tape
  • Elastics
  • Old newspaper

Step One:

Make sure your candle jars are clean and ready to go. Use this tutorial to clean out your candle jars. When your jars are ready use the paint tape and elastics to block out spaces on the candle jars where you do not want the spray paint to go- strips that you want to be able to see through. Place them around the circumference of the candle in whichever order, using however many elastics and pieces of tape as you'd like.

Step Two:

Take your candle jars and old newspaper outside or to a well ventilated area and place the jars on top of the old newspaper. Now it's time to start spray painting. You're going to do a couple of coats so don't overdo it on the first coat or else you'll get drip marks.

Step Three:

Leave the candle jars to dry for about 20 minutes before you do the next coat. After the last coat (I only did 2), leave the jars out to dry overnight.

Step Four:

Once the candle jars are completely dry you can carefully remove the paint tape and cut the elastics from the jars.
Enjoy! xo

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