Easy Gold Candle Jars


Ever since I've cleaned out my Bath & Body Works candles, I have had them sitting on my vanity holding my Q-tips and makeup remover pads. I love them! But I've been wanting to make them a little bit nicer to look at. I was originally thinking of adding a cute little handle onto the top but then I wouldn't be able to stack them, so I nixed that idea. Then I thought about adding some gold or silver to parts of the jar.

In the end, I decided it would look nice if I spray painted a gold metallic colour onto the jar and left some strips to be able to see through. So that's what I did.

Travel Fund Piggy Bank


I have been saving to go to Ireland ever since one of my good friends moved there in August (Hi Haley! Miss ya). I'm not very good at saving so I started a system where I would put $20 aside every week into my Ireland Fund. I bought a ceramic piggy bank from Michaels but I thought I would spice it up a little bit. See you soon, Ireland!

Spring Wreath DIY


Yay, it's Spring! Every Winter seems to be longer and more depressing than the last so once the sun starts shining and all of the snow melts it is one of the best feelings in the entire world. Sandals come out, jackets get put away and I can all but hear Summer yelling "Don't worry Amanda, I'm coming!".

A great way to shake off the Winter blues and celebrate the arrival of the beloved Spring is this Spring wreath tutorial. It is so easy, so cheap, and makes for a great gift. 

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